Adera Episode 2 – Available Now!

Adera Episode 2

The next exciting episode of Adera is now available for purchase in the Windows Store! Just grab the free update to the app and launch the game to purchase the next installment from within the app. If you don’t have an Xbox Live for Windows account, you’ll need to sign up for one to purchase the episode – a free process that can all be done in the game. Just click the download button on the Episodes page to get on your way.

Episode 2 was another challenge for the Adera team, but we’re all very proud of the way it turned out. You’ll be introduced to some new and interesting characters, explore more of the visually stunning world Jane has stumbled into, and solve many more mind-bending puzzles to help Jane on her way. ¬†We’re currently hard at work on Episode 3, which should be available shortly after the holidays. We hope you enjoy this new chapter, and let us know what you think of it!