Adera Episode 3 – Available Now!

Adera Episode 3

The latest installment of Adera is available now for purchase! If you already own Adera just update your app in the Windows Store and you’ll be able to purchase Episode 3 inside Adera on the episodes page. As with Episode 2, you’ll need an Xbox Live account to make the purchase. It’s free to create one if you don’t have one.

Episode 3 was a lot of fun for us to work on, and we’re excited about how it has turned out. We hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think. If you like it we’d love it if you rated Adera in the Windows Store. Also please check out Adera’s Facebook page and post any feedback you’d like us to hear.

If you’re having any troubles purchasing episodes, or with the game in general, please check out Adera’s support forums on the Xbox support website. If you don’t see your issue addressed please post and someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

Thanks again to everyone that’s enjoying Adera so far. We hope this new chapter will pull you deeper into Jane’s exceedingly intriguing and perilous journey. We’re hard at work finishing up Episode 4, so be on the lookout for it as well in the near future!

Words in Space – Free in the App Store!

Today HitPoint Studios released a new version of one of our original games, Words in Space, which is available for free in the iOS App Store here.

Words in Space has somewhat of a history at HitPoint. The first version of Words in Space was a browser game created by Christopher Gendron, and is still available to play here. It was a cross between Scrabble and Tetris with a cute outer-space theme and was a lot of fun to play.

HitPoint decided to bring the game to iOS and I had the pleasure of working with Christopher on a redesign of the game for that platform, which HitPoint released in 2011. That version of the game is still in the App Store as well, now under the title Words in Space Classic.

The newest iteration of our title is the result of a lot of hard work by some more people at HitPoint, and we’re all very proud of it. The new version adds multiplayer features and a great new look and feel to the game. Please check it out, challenge your friends and others to see who’s the fastest speller, and above all let us (and everyone else) know how much you like it!