Disney Fairies: Hidden Treasures in the Windows Store Now

For those of you with little ones, HitPoint’s latest Windows 8 game is now available – Disney Fairies: Hidden Treasures. Help Tinkerbell discover her hidden talents at her new home in Pixie Hollow. Another team of talented people at HitPoint put a ton of work into making this a great game, and we’re very proud of the way it turned out. If you’ve got Windows 8 let your kids have a try, or play it with them. You can purchase it here. Let us know if they enjoy it!

2 Replies to “Disney Fairies: Hidden Treasures in the Windows Store Now”

  1. I just downloaded this game for my pc for windows 8. I’ve finished everything in the first adventure & I don’t know how to get the next adventure to open so that I can continue. Am I missing something? What’s up w/this?


    1. Hi there. The next adventure has not been released yet, but is very close to be being completed. Be on the lookout for an update to the app in the coming weeks, which will allow you to purchase the next adventure. šŸ™‚


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