Adera: The Soul Stone e-Book Now Available in Nook Store

A brand new e-book is now available in the Barnes and Noble Nook store chronicling the past of Adera’s protagonist Jane Sinclaire. Penned by R.H. Stavis, who helped conceive the back story of Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, Adera: The Soul Stone takes a look at the events leading up to Jane’s perilous and fantastical journey in Adera, the episodic puzzle adventure game on Windows 8. HitPoint is excited to have the lore of Adera enriched by Ms. Stavis, providing more color and texture to our narrative team’s creation. If you have a Nook device or app, grab Adera: The Soul Stone and check it out for yourself.

One Reply to “Adera: The Soul Stone e-Book Now Available in Nook Store”

  1. It is a really fun read! I love the game and there are connections the book makes, and some intriguing new info. It doesn’t lead all the way up to the game, so I hope they write another!


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