Adera Season Finale and Collector's Edition – Now Available!

The final chapter in Adera’s first season, Episode 5 – A New Light, is finally available! This episode is by far the largest and most epic in the series. We’ve spent a ton of time polishing it and making it awesome for you, so if you’ve played the previous episodes be sure to grab this season finale and let us know what you think. To gain access to the new episode just update your app if you already have it, or download it from the Windows Store if you’re a new user.

If you’re new to Adera, this release also features a Collector’s Edition which gives you access to all 5 episodes of the season at a discounted price and an in-game strategy guide for each episode. It also includes some extra features in Adera’s main hub, including special backgrounds, wallpapers, music tracks, concept art, and a gag reel. This is a great deal for newcomers, and is appropriately discounted for those who have already purchased some episodes of Adera.

It’s been a long ride since we started work on Adera, but the long hours and hard work have paid off greatly. We’re very proud of how the first season and especially Episode 5 has turned out. We hope you feel the same way. At present, plans for a second season have not been determined, but we will definitely keep you posted as new information comes in. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the first season!

3 Replies to “Adera Season Finale and Collector's Edition – Now Available!”

    1. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble downloading Adera. Unfortunately this is a common problem with the Windows Store and beyond our control. Others have reported success in continuing to retry the download until it works. We may be pushing an update sometime in the next few months that will reduce the download size and hopefully alleviate the problem. Until then I can only advise you to just keep trying.


  1. Hi,

    Great game! Perfect mixture of mini games, plus story and I especially loved the fact that the hidden games became more interactive. Far better than going mad just trying to find objects!
    I thought the story line was great too, perhaps Hawk can have an episode of his own when he was left? He seems a resourceful guy!

    Overall, I’m impressed most impressed by the graphics (the depth, the detail, the imagination [my programer’s at work are geniuses but this is unreal) and if you ever find a cave with a tree growing in the middle of it, let me know!


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