Fablewood – HitPoint's Newest Game Out Now!

HitPoint is extremely happy to announce the release of our latest game, Fablewood. Free to play on Facebook now, Fablewood is a hidden object game where you banish evil from famous fairy tale stories you know and love, and build your own enchanted forest! We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past several months to make Fablewood as beautiful and fun as it is, and we’d love for you to try it out and give us your feedback. Just click the image above to go to the app and play.

Please visit our community page to leave your comments, and click the like button if you have fun playing! Don’t hesitate to invite your friends either. We’ve got a ton of new content in the works for Fablewood that we’ll be releasing over the coming months, including numerous hidden object scenes from famous fairy tales. We’re also working hard on an iOS version of Fablewood that will be available early next year, so you’ll be able play Fablewood on the go!

If you’re still looking for a reason to check it out, take a look at some of the amazing artwork our team created for Fablewood below. There are tons more of these fantastic hidden object scenes, beautiful town buildings, and quirky items you can use to build and decorate your enchanted forest. We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we had fun making it!







9 Replies to “Fablewood – HitPoint's Newest Game Out Now!”

  1. I am unable to connect fully game it does not connect fully. I use Bing and Internet Explorer 11 other games load very slowly also Jane Austen Outbound. What can be done, thank you.


  2. Love the game,always was a fan of ‘I Spy’ books…..the art work is amazing along w/the detail. My problem is no one else is playing among my friends,besides the free stuff-is there another way to acquire the stones,and especially the roses?? W/o buying them?? Also what are the xp points used for?? Thanx!!


  3. Chirs ! I just started playing Fablewood and I love the artwork!! Game is playing great, no loading problems here!! I run Win 7 on Chrome – and I have recently run a Microsoft diagnostic tool that rid me of some kind of conflict that was imparing my computer – since then All Is Good! People have got to care for their equipment and not expect a miracle from a game with a computer that is not being maintained… I digress…

    So, I love the game and I am going to attempt to bring a whole lot of my Gardens of Time friends with me to play. That game is being flushed down the toilet by Disney and there are a lot of sad players that may be looking for a fun game 🙂


  4. I love this game. Downloaded app to my iPad. I’m new at it. I just finished chapter 1. I have 3 fables ready to play in chapter 2. None of which will download. They get to 91% then freeze up and tells me to refresh. I have made several attempts to get help with this issue. No one responds. I left message at the support site u stated above in earlier comments to others. Can someone pls help. Thank u


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